InstaLife vs. RealLife

It is 2018, and social media has been around for a solid 15 years. We all know what we see on the computer isn’t always the reality, but we still fall for it.

We fall for it. For the gorgeous family photos, the happy husband and wife, the spotless home, the fancy “stuff”, the glorious vacations, the always smiling children, the perfection. We KNOW in our heart of hearts that no one’s life could really be that flawless, but we still fall for the idea that everyone has a perfect life, and ours could never measure up. It’s tempting… oohh so very tempting to live our lives like the world is watching, because, well, it is.

We post our best. From 1,000 unruly, implicating photos, we pick the 1 that shows the world what our life is like… well, what our life WOULD be like — IF it was not messy, vulnerable, raw, and real. Real? What a novel idea…

So here’s me. Being real. With you. My last family vacation. InstaLife vs. RealLife.

I spent months planning the perfect family vacation. #Weiler5FamilyVacay2018

I couldn’t wait to spend time the 5 of us, our first weeklong family vacation EVER! #CampABCbeachedition Lots of beach fun, lots of great memories, lots of relaxation, lots of LOTS! Except it wasn’t. OOOHHH how it wasn’t!

InstaLife Post #1

InstaLife: Beachin with my babes

RealLife: We got to Sanibel Island just in time for the worst Red Tide crisis on the west coast of Florida in over a decade. And quite honestly, by now, it could very well be the worst in history. Last I checked, the current Red Tide has produced 2,000 tons of dead marine life and, the week prior to us being there, a WHALE SHARK washed up dead about a half mile down the beach from where we were staying. Siiggghhh. So, what this photo DOESN’T show is that this is the one and ONLY time we got to “beach it” that entire week. Between dead fish in small mountains on the shore, the smell of rotting sea life, and the allergy attacks of non-stop coughing and sneezing (it causes respiratory issues) in all of us, my “beach fun” turned into “sit in the condo and look at the beach because even sitting on the balcony made us sick.” #beachplease

InstaLife Post #2

InstaLife: Rainy beach days call for rainy pool days!

RealLife: You don’t see me in this photo because I am sitting on the side, in extraordinary pain from a boil (sorry, but this is real life!) underneath my arm. I have a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa that causes painful bumps, and in the days leading up to vacation I started the worst one I’ve ever had in all my life. So bad, that by Tuesday morning my husband forced me, SOBBING, to a doctor’s office to get it “taken care of.” Two trips to the doctor later, I finally felt relief by Wednesday of our Sat – Sat vacation. However, I couldn’t go in the water. Not even, (our only option, thanks to red tide) in the pool. #shipwrecked

InstaLife Post #3

InstaLife: Cheers to our Family

RealLife: My youngest, 15 month old Bryce, is a psychopath and he is on the floor screaming while I drink my pain (^above post) and frustration away. We gave in to juice with dinner for the big kids so they would stop whining about the 2789894347th thing that day. Notice there are only three hands and drinks? Sean was in the kitchen annoyed with me for snapping at him for eating “too much salsa” because it’s supposed to be for taco night. (Yes, that’s the bowl of Salsa in front me now.) Enough said. #cheerstotears

InstaLife Post #4

InstaLife: Tonight was dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger!

RealLife: We were so excited for our first vacation dinner out! Long story short? Bryce ate a whole cup of ice cream for dinner because it kept him quiet. The BUS BOY kindly brought it without us even asking for it… because he could hear him screaming across the restaurant… That was a fun night. #not

InstaLife Post #5

InstaLife: Yep, we’re “those” people! Took a surrey ride around Sanibel today!

RealLife: We HAD to take a surrey ride to find things to fill our days with since we couldn’t go on the beach. Do you know how much fun it is to PEDAL 3 whiny children around in 97 degree heat? We’d paid for 4 hours… we made it less than 2, with a stop at the playground. If you continued to scroll through our photos you would notice that the kids are sitting in a different spot for everyone. That’s because they complained the whole time and we had to constantly move them around to keep the peace. When I saw the sign of the bike place come back into vision, I literally screamed HALLELUJAH JESUS at the top of my lungs. I’m pretty sure I also shed a tear. #andapieceofmysoul


The moral of the story, friends? InstaLife and RealLife are two very different things, aren’t they? Don’t get caught up in the lives of others– wishing you could have more, do more,  BE more.

Instead, live in abundance of the life God has given YOU, not the life he has given someone else. Don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel. Cultivate your reality– your family, your marriage, your friendships. Live intentionally. In a world that beckons you to create a facade, create a LIFE.





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