Cardio is Hardio

Finding the time, and energy, to make exercise a part of our daily schedule can be tough. But if it was ever part of your everyday regime, you know it’s worth it. And if it hasn’t been your cup of tea, consider no time like the present to jump into a healthy habit.

Make a Date with Your Heart rate

It can be daunting to get started, but begin with what is convenient for you (and you can’t say ‘nothing’!). Morning person? Set your alarm that much earlier to be done before the kiddos are up, or their school schedule has kicked in. Night owl? Eat a lighter dinner and work it after bedtime. I still have one napper, so sometimes, I use her morning nap as my scheduled session.

Set a Plan

This is two-fold. I am old-school, and maintain a paper and pencil planner. A while back Declan asked me why there was a ‘heart’ on each day. I told him it was part of my schedule to exercise each morning. Now, I have my planner and my little man to remind me. Also, I keep a photo album on my phone labeled ‘workout.’ There are 168 pictures (at the moment) that I gradually add to – all workouts. Some are from Pinterest, others are ones that my workout guru friends have texted me, and many are from previous workouts designed in my “freerer,” kidless years. I try and decide the night before what my general plan is for the next day, allowing for flexibility of course. But it’s super helpful to not have to sit down and create a plan from scratch. No excuses – ready to go!

Don’t Hesitate!

There will always be a thousand other things to get done. Just do it.

Be Flexible…

…And I don’t just mean with your yoga moves. Don’t worry about your outfit, the technicalities of the workout, or if the timing is perfect. Be willing to get your sweat on in your jammies! Or lay your clothes out prior to the workout to eliminate decision making procrastination.

Train up a child in the way he should go…

~Proverbs 22:6. My son doesn’t know a time when he wasn’t lifting weights with me while we listened to Disney music and chatted about our day! We love training outside, in the garage, by the pool… you name it. Of course, there are the days that I covet some me time to pound the pavement in the precious hours before sunrise, but it was a proud moment when Declan asked for “Bring Sally Up” so he could do the push up challenge with me. “To get stronger than Gram,” he said.

Create Your Space

I loved being a gym member, but there came a time when the price tag, and schedule, didn’t fit our family’s agenda. So we created my home gym. We invested in weights, a bench, an exercise ball, and even a TRX (a suspension trainer that uses your own body weight to build strength – a great Christmas gift!). Kinley especially loves our exercise bands for her squats (see above). At our house, we are all about making it possible, and rolling out of bed WORKS OUT well for us!

Time to Run

Running has always been my sanctuary. With little ones, we have loved the Bob single stroller, and now, the Bob double stroller. We pack our snacks, a book, and a toy, and we hit the road! If you have older kids, run together, or utilize tracks or outdoor trails at your child’s own sports practices. Plan fun holiday races, or family mud runs, and train together. Being social can help keep running fresh and fun. Find a friend who loves to run with you – and let them help push that stroller!

Plan Some “You” Time

Working out with our dearests is wonderful, but be sure to carve out a few times a week where you can be on your own. Exercising not only builds up our strength, but it can help give our minds and bodies energy while decreasing our fatigue. If we know that we will be spending time working out otherwise spent sleeping, decluttering, or hanging with our kiddos, make it worth it. Create a running playlist, or lift weights to a motivating soundtrack. If silence is what you need, use the time to clear your head while you do The 100 (a pilates move I had to google). Check out some beginner pilates moves here! 


Have any suggestions or tips for how to include exercise in our lives? Please share! Because we all know, if Mom is healthy and happy, so is our household!


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