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I’ve been writing this post in my mind for awhile now, trying to figure out exactly what I want to say. So instead of waiting and thinking and rethinking and waiting again, I’m just sitting down to type and hit ‘publish.’

When I first started this blog two years ago, it was because I really wanted to empower parents to make a difference in their own family, with their own kids, under their own roof. 

“In this family” was a battle cry of sorts. The world may do things one way, but in this family, we do things differently. I set out to equip and encourage parents to do faith, family, and life on purpose, looking inwardly at the people under their roof, and making a change in raising the next generation.

All of this is still true. I still believe that we start raising world-changing kids through our family conversations, at the dinner table, and as we’re tucking kids in at night. We have to be intentional about doing our faith and our family and our life. But those values and that influence we’re cultivating….what if it never leaves the walls of our home? 

We could raise the most amazing, faithful, considerate, grateful children that care deeply about the world and its issues, but if they’ve never had the chance to practically apply that teaching, if they’ve never reached out to help a hurting neighbor…we might as well have done nothing.

So I’m shifting a bit, and taking you along with me. We’ll continue to focus on doing faith, family and life on purpose, but with the added layer of taking it outside of the walls of our homes. 

This shift is really due to a new season that we are preparing to enter as a family.  Through a series of little ‘yeses,’ that got a bit bigger each time, we’ve found ourselves in the process to become a licensed foster family. We’re not yet certified, we don’t know how long it will take, but I’m trying to share things more from the messy middle instead of the neatly wrapped ends.

I’ll be writing a post about that journey sometime soon, but wanted to share today one of the things that worried us the most about saying yes: the effect it would have on our girls. I kept bringing that question to God. And He kept reminding me about what I have desired for my family from the beginning — that we would be a family on mission together. A family that takes our love for God and for others and goes outside of our walls (or brings others inside of our walls!) to do something about it. 

So all that to say, we’re looking forward to embarking on that journey and I’d like to invite you along for the ride. I also want to ask you this — is your family living on mission together? Are you cultivating influence under your roof that leaves your home to reach others? It’s not going to look the same for any of us, but we’re all called to it.

Join us.

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  1. We can all relate better to “messy middles” than the “neatly-wrapped ends.” Glad you hit “publish!” Thanks for taking us along on your family’s exciting new endeavor. What a blessing your home will be!

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