Who is ‘In This Family’?

We are parents who are committed to doing faith, family and life on purpose, and raising world changers along the way!

Meet Jessica

Hey there! I’m Jessica. My husband Zak and I have two spunky little girls — Charlee (6) and Evie (2) who entertain and exhaust us daily. Charlee is in Kindergarten this year and Evie is in daycare while Zak and I both work full-time. In the afternoons and on weekends, you’ll find us swimming, playing outside, having dance parties, and eating breakfast for dinner (my favorite!). I’ll also never turn down a cup of tea — hot or iced!

I started this blog because I want my parenting to be intentional. Then I invited some friends (meet them below!) to join me because parenting and life is so much richer in community.

This is not us telling you what works. This is us, in the trenches with you, trying to come up for air long enough between the dance lessons, piles of laundry, bags of goldfish, math homework, and things that need to be done RIGHT NOW MOMMY!! to parent with the end in mind.


Meet Christine

Hi! I’m Christine, wife to Ryan and mom to Declan (4) and Kinley (1). I am an elementary teacher by trade, but have newly acquired indefinite summer break status (a.k.a. SAHM!) and haven’t yet figured out whether this means more or less chaos in our little world! We party in the pool, workout to eat, and live for the Lord. Adventure is high on our to-do list… and isn’t life just that!

Meet Jen

Hey friends! I’m Jen! My husband Sean & I have 3 crazy little monkeys — Caden (7), Adalyn (4), and Bryce (1). Together, they make up our ABC 🙂 and they make our home and our hearts so full! I work part time as an 8th grade science teacher. Caden is in First Grade and Adalyn & Bryce stay home with me on my days off, and go to an at home daycare the other days. In our time together you’ll find us adventuring around town, creating magic, and making the smallest moments in the biggest memories!